Peripheries is a non-profit literary and arts journal established in 2017 that publishes artistic work that is, broadly understood, "peripheral"; work that explores the interstices between discourses, traditions, languages, forms, and genres. In this spirit, along with publishing poetry, visual art, and short stories, our scope is expansive, including translations, interviews, creative nonfiction, reviews, aphorisms, recipes, instructions, and manifestos. We encourage formal experimentation that is in a mutually-informing, organic relation to the artist’s topic or question, which might also explore the peripheral: the marginal, the incidental, the boundary-experience, the tangential, the borderline, and particularly the metaxical spaces (that both attract and repel) between artistry, philosophical speculation, mystical experience and religious traditions. We are excited to expand these discussions in whatever way is meaningful to you and bring your myriad interpretations into dialogue on our pages. 

Peripheries is proud to publish emerging writers, alongside established luminaries. We invite new artists to submit their work, including those under-represented in traditional literary circles. 


Peripheries is published annually by Harvard Divinity School’s Center for the Study of World Religions under the supervision of its director Charles M. Stang. Hard copies are printed and distributed free-of-charge to the Harvard community. If you would like to acquire a copy, please contact us.

The publication of our spring 2020 edition has been postponed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. We hope to be able to publish in the fall.


Editor: Sherah Bloor

Managing Editor: Harry Hall

Designer: Jessica Yuan

Poetry Editors: Emma De Lisle, Sarah Ehrich, Josh Gregory, Amanda Gunn, Byron Russell, Walter Smelt III, Becca Voelcker, Eden Werring

Fiction Editors:

Mafaz al-Suwaidan, Edwin Alanis García, Harry Hall, Justin Janesko, Kim Mereine, Maria Pinto, Peter Dziedzic

Visual Art Editors:

Joey Hou (aka Delilah Lyses-sApo), Emily Raubenheimer, Becca Voelcker, Joel Werring, Jessica Yuan

Creative Non-fiction Editors:

Sherah Bloor, Haruka Umetsu Cho, Rebecca Doverspike, Sara Klingenstein, Eden Werring

Contact us at: peripheriesjournal@gmail.com

Copyright © 2019 Peripheries Journal 

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